Jim, please let me know if I can provide a reference for your work [713.373.9369]. You are
the epitome of "you get what you pay for!"  It was the most thorough and attentive
inspection and report I've ever seen. Thank you so, so much.
Benny Teal
E Main Street
Sunset Beach, NC
"We knew from the website that we wanted Carolina Coast Home Inspections Group to do
our home inspection.  Being a former custom home builder, we knew that Jim would focus
not only on structural issues, but also those unknown - deferred maintenance issues that
can cost a prospective buyer thousands of dollars.  We were impressed by the thorough
attention to detail; the completeness of the report; the web links that provided further
information on issues within the house; and lastly the courteous and prompt service.

Without reservation we highly recommend Carolina Coast Home Inspections Group.  We
were impressed!"
Choosing the right home inspection company can be difficult.

First, you need an inspector who has your best interests in mind.  Add extensive experience to your
"must have" checklist.  Look for someone that uses "state-of-the-art" testing and inspection equipment.  
Then, when you think you've narrowed down the possible choices, select a company that has exemplary
credentials, testing, and has regularly pursued continuing education mandates.  When your checklist is
completed, choosing the best home inspection company just got easier.  It's
Carolina Coast Home
Inspections Group.

As a potential buyer, the purchase you're considering could be the biggest investment you may ever
make - so it's not in your best interests to "cut corners" when looking to have your potential investment
inspected.  Remember, as in most situations, you get what you pay for!  You can be assured that
CCHIG will provide you with an unbiased inspection of the home you are considering.  You'll then have
the necessary information to assist in your evaluation of the house and potential improvement costs.

As a seller, having an inspection done in advance of, say, listing it on the market, will provide you with
some helpful incite.  You may be made aware of possible "issues" prior to listing it for sale, or reassure
you that your potential asking price is appropriate.  Another benefit of having your home inspected in
advance of listing it for sale is that it will greatly reduce the chances of having a closing date change, or
worse, falling apart altogether!

One thing for sure is that a home inspection requires professional experience and extensive knowledge
of "what to look for."  This will ensure that your investment is properly examined.  Ultimately, a thorough
inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector's own experience and effort.  If you honor
by permitting me to do your inspection, I guarantee that I will give you our very best effort.  I'll inspect it
once, and inspect it right.  This I promise you.

Read a few recent testimonial below...
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SC License #RBI 2527
Robert Hinett
Brunswick Plantation
Calabash, NC
David Wightman
Holden Beach, NC
March 2016
October 2016
"We're very glad we decided to have the home inspection performed by Carolina Coast
Home Inspections - specifically - JIM. He could not have been more thorough - even
conveyed the oven light was out.  WOW!  And, having custom home building experience
was rather evident.  His knowledge about, well, almost everything was unreal.  He
certainly knows his stuff.  He truly DID inspect the house as if a family members of his
was buying it.  Glad we chose CCHIG over others we considered."
May 2016
Christina & Robert Saks
40th Street
Sunset Beach, NC
July 2016
Jim, that's a great report, not just because of the good news, but I find it very detailed and
thorough. Thanks.
January 2017
Outstanding report.  The best I have ever seen.  You had to have been in the military.  We
would like to retain you for the final walk through. Thank you very much.
If a potential client
wants to call me regarding your inspection thoroughness - my # is 540-226-0442

Charlie Talbott
olden Beach, NC
January 2017
Jim:  what an excellent, thorough report. We thank you so very much. It was a privilege
doing business with you.  Now we can work on taking care of the issues you addressed.
Thanks again.
Sharon Smith
Holden Beach, NC
January 2017
Jim, thanks for sending this along. I just reviewed it. As a sidenote, over 40 years of buying
and selling at least a dozen properties, I have never seen an inspection report this detailed
and precise. Kudos to you. Feel free to use me as a reference if needed.
David Ratcliffe
Winding River Plantation, Bolivia NC