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* Weekend inspections are "NO PROBLEM"
* Condominium and single family home specialist
* Report available within 6-12 hours after inspection - via link in email
* Post Inspection Walk-Through Assessment w/Client Available
* Digital photos prominent in reports (offers client easy-to-understand inspection analysis)
* Free phone consultation
CCHIG provides "peace of mind" about your investment

My goal is to evaluate the home and educate my client, providing valuable information
about the home I inspect.  I provide an unbiased, professional examination of the visible
and accessible structural components and systems of the home.  Think of it as a physical
checkup for the home.  It will reveal the positive attributes of the home, as well as any
defects, necessary or recommended repairs, or safety hazards that may exist.  As with any
physical checkup, I may recommend further evaluation by specially qualified professionals.
Most likely you are - as you're looking at my website.
If so, you should strongly consider
Carolina Coast
Home Inspections Group
for your inspection needs.

Hi, I'm Jim Glemming - the owner of Carolina Coast Home Inspections Group
.  My custom home building expertise affords me great insight when
inspecting a home.  Knowing where to look for potential issues, what to look for
and possible ramifications - in many cases is the experience one needs to truly
"inspect" a house for a client.  How a house is built - from the ground up - affords
greater knowledge when providing detailed inspection services.  I'm also one of
a very few inspectors who is licensed in both North & South Carolina - a
testimonial to my credentials and knowledge!

Spanning two decades of providing inspection services, I offer "
Client Oriented"
home inspection services.  What do I mean by "client oriented?"  Quite simply, it
means I place the importance of a thorough, comprehensive inspection first.  
I work for my client(s) - no one else.  They place faith in me to fully evaluate
the house and educate them with my findings.  In some cases, my findings may
not be what they had hoped for.  But that's why they chose me - to be honest,
thorough, detailed, comprehensive - "
Client Oriented."

The overwhelming majority of my inspections come from previous client
referrals - family, friends, acquaintances, etc.  
Again, "
Client Oriented" inspections.

Finding a home inspection company is not too difficult.  Selecting the right one to do your
inspection is even easier.  It's
Carolina Coast Home Inspections Group.

Carolina Coast Home Inspections Group (CCHIG) is located in Brunswick County -
North Carolina.  I am "Licensed & Certified," distinguishing me as an inspector that
adheres to the highest level of home inspection standards - in accordance with the
Standards of Practice of both the North & South Carolina Home Inspector Licensure
Boards.  In addition, I am also a member in excellent standing with the
Association of Certified Home Inspectors (
. These accreditations ensure that if
you're a home buyer, a home seller, or a home owner - and use me for your home
inspections needs - you will receive the highest standards of professional service.  
services the towns of Ocean Isle Beach, Calabash, Carolina Shores, Sunset Beach,
Shallotte, Holden Beach, Southport, Supply, Boiling Spring Lakes, Bolivia, and Leland in
North Carolina.  In addition,
CCHIG services all the towns and communities of northern
Horry County in South Carolina - including Little River, North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach,
Cherry Grove, Longs, and Loris to name a few.

Carolina Coast Home Inspections Group's fees are commensurate with the
professional inspection services offered and provided, the sophisticated testing equipment
used (water penetration meters, thermal imaging camera, "laser" window seal testing,
etc.),  the ongoing self-education, and the State training/testing I undertake annually.  I am
a professional, certified, home inspector - readily capable to perform quality house

If you're looking for a "rubber stamp" home inspection, please choose another
inspector or inspection company.  I do not offer simple, rubber-stamp type
inspection services.  As an ex-custom home builder, I know where & what to look
for.  My inspections are thorough, comprehensive with numerous photos [75+ avg.
per report], evaluation comments, and detailed narrative - which allows my
client(s) to easily understand and disseminate the inspection information within
my report.  It's not a simple "check box" report w/only a few pics like most others.

I utilize state-of-the-art equipment.  I have modern tools to scan walls, floors and
ceilings to uncover any hidden water issues.  In addition, I can locate areas of
inadequate insulation, should they exist, within walls and ceilings.  Considering
my fair & reasonable fees - no other company compares.   Remember, you're
about to spend $100k, $200k, $300k or even more, so be "forward thinking" during
your inspector selection process.   You might save $50, $75, or even a $100 - then
end up with several thousands of dollars of headaches.  Choose wisely!  
You get what you pay for!

There are numerous inspection company choices available so it's important to make sure
that the one you select has
"your best interest" in mind.  I do not receive commissions or
have commission agreements with any Realtor.
 I truly have my client's best interest in
mind when providing home inspections.
NC License #002751
SC License #RBI 2527
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