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NC License #002751
  1. The CLIENT shall pay the INSPECTOR the charges (fees) in full, in advance of or at the time of the inspection.  The
    fees applicable are listed in the "Fees" section of INSPECTOR's web site (  If CLIENT is
    married, CLIENT represents that this obligation is a family obligation incurred in the interest of the family.
  2. INSPECTOR shall perform a visual inspection of the house/building and to provide CLIENT with an inspection report
    of the apparent condition of the readily accessible installed systems and components of the property existing at the
    time of the inspection.  This may include, but not be limited to, the identification of any defects, possible safety
    issues, recommendations to upgrade or enhance, or recommend further inspection by qualified/licensed
    professionals (i.e., electricians, plumbers, etc.).  The report is only supplementary to the seller's disclosure.  At the
    time of inspection, any area which is not exposed to view, is concealed, or is inaccessible because of soil, snow,
    water, walls, floors, carpets, ceilings, furnishings, or any other thing, is not included as part of the inspection.  No
    destructive testing or any form of dismantling will be performed.  Latent and concealed defects and deficiencies are
    excluded from the inspection. Termite testing/inspecting - visual or otherwise - is beyond the scope of the inspection
    and report; Client should consult/contract with a licensed pest inspection professional to evaluate past or present
    termite issues/damage. Test results for potential mold is not an affirmation that mold exists or doesn't exist, only the
    possibility;  CLIENT would need to contract with a professional that specializes in mold testing/remediation.
    Determining the structural integrity of the premises, or portions thereof, are beyond the scope of this inspection as
    only a licensed professional, that specializes in structural engineering, can attest to such integrity. CLIENT agrees to
    assume all the risk for all conditions which are concealed from view at the time of inspection.  Maintenance and other
    items may be discussed, but they are not part of the inspection.  The inspection report is not a compliance
    inspection or certification for past or present municipal or governmental codes or regulations of any kind.
  3. INSPECTOR agrees to perform the inspection in accordance to the current Standards of Practice of either the North
    Carolina or South Carolina Licensure Board - depending on the state in which the inspection is performed.  Although
    INSPECTOR agrees to follow the Standards of Practice of the state in which the inspection occurs, CLIENT
    understands that these standards contain certain limitations, exceptions, and exclusions.  The INSPECTOR is not
    responsible to test for compliance with applicable ordinances, statutes and covenants (HOA/POA), manufacturer
    specifications, building codes - or for the presence of potential dangers arising from radon gas, lead paint,
    asbestos, mold, mildew, urea formaldehyde, toxic or flammable chemicals, septic systems, water and airborne
    hazards, soil contamination, and other environmental hazards or violations.  Also excluded are inspections of
    swimming pools, hot tubs, security systems, central vacuum systems, water softeners, sprinkler systems, lawn
    irrigation systems, bukheads/docks, fire and safety equipment, lightning arrestors, intercom or cable TV/satellite
    systems, solar heating systems, the presence of rodents, termites and other insects, and crawlspaces with less than
    36 inch clearance below bottom of floor joists .  These require testing by state licensed and qualified professionals.
  4. Any tests that require laboratory analysis, the testing laboratory is solely and fully responsible for the results of its
    tests and findings in the event CLIENT disputes any laboratory report produced by the testing laboratory.
  5. If any structure or portion of any structure that is to be inspected pursuant to this Agreement is a log home, log
    structure or similar log construction, CLIENT understands that such structures have unique characteristics that make
    it impossible for INSPECTOR to inspect and evaluate them by an exterior visual inspection.  Therefore, the scope of
    the inspection to be performed pursuant to this Agreement does not include decay of the interior of logs in log walls,
    log foundations or roofs or similar defects that are not visible by an exterior visual inspection.
  6. Any inspection report provided to the CLIENT is the property of INSPECTOR and is provided to the CLIENT solely
    and exclusively for CLIENT’s own information and may not be relied upon by any other person.  CLIENT agrees to
    maintain the confidentiality of the inspection report and agrees not to disclose any part of it to any other person.  
    CLIENT may only distribute copies of the inspection report to the seller or real estate agents directly involved in this
    transaction, but said persons are not specifically intended beneficiaries of this Agreement or inspection report.  
    CLIENT agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold INSPECTOR and its agents (i.e., associate inspectors, sub-
    contractors, etc.) and employees harmless from any third party claims arising out of the CLIENT’s unauthorized
    distribution of the inspection report.
  7. It is understood and agreed that the INSPECTOR is not an insurer and that the inspection and report are not
    intended to be construed as a guarantee or warranty of the adequacy, performance, or condition of any structure,
    item, or systems at the house/building location.  The CLIENT hereby releases and exempts INSPECTOR and its
    agents and employees of all liability and responsibility for the cost of repairing or replacing any unreported defect or
    deficiency, and for any consequential damage, property damage, or personal injury of any nature.
  8. CLIENT acknowledges that the liability of INSPECTOR, the INSPECTOR and its agents and employees, for claims or
    damages, costs of defense or suit, attorney’s fees and expenses and payments arising out of or related to the
    INSPECTOR's negligence or breach of any obligation under this Agreement, including errors or omissions in the
    inspection or the report, shall be limited to liquidated damages in an amount equal to the fee paid to the
    INSPECTOR, and this liability shall be exclusive.  CLIENT waives any claim for consequential, exemplary, special or
    incidental damages or for the loss of the use of the home/building even if the CLIENT has been advised of the
    possibility of such damages.  The parties acknowledge that the liquidated damages are not intended as a penalty
    but are intended (i) to reflect the fact that actual damages may be difficult and impractical to ascertain; (ii) to allocate
    risk among the INSPECTOR and CLIENT; and (iii) to enable the INSPECTOR to perform the inspection at the stated
  9. Any dispute concerning the interpretation of this Agreement or arising from the inspection or inspection report,
    except one for inspection fee payment, shall be resolved informally between THE PARTIES or by arbitration
    conducted in accordance with the rules of a recognized arbitration association – except that THE PARTIES shall
    select an arbitrator who is familiar with the home inspection industry.  The arbitrator shall conduct summary
    judgment motions and enforce full discovery rights as a court would as provided in civil proceedings by legal code.  
    The prevailing party in any dispute arising out of this Agreement, the inspection, or report(s) shall be reimbursed for
    its attorney’s fees, arbitration costs, and any other costs associated with the dispute by the other party.  It is agreed
    that should a court of competent jurisdiction determine and declare that any portion of this Agreement is void or
    unenforceable, the remaining provisions and portions shall remain in full force and effect.  CLIENT agrees to supply
    INSPECTOR with the following: (a) written notification of adverse conditions within ten (10) calendar days of report
    being published for CLIENT(S) review, and (b) immediate access (within two days) to the premises.  Failure to
    comply with the above conditions will release CCHIG LLC, its agents, employees and INSPECTOR(S) from any and
    all obligations or liability of any kind.
  10. In the event that INSPECTOR and/or its agents or employees are found liable due to a breach of contract, breach of
    negligence, negligent misrepresentations, visual inspection oversights or any other theory of liability, then the
    liability of INSPECTOR and its agents and employees shall be limited to a sum equal to the amount of the fee paid
    by the CLIENT to INSPECTOR for the inspection and report.
  11. CLIENT shall have no cause of action, for any reason or cause, against INSPECTOR, its agents or employees after
    thirty (30) days from the date of the inspection, including non-compliance to the NC or SC Home Inspector
    Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics when the inspection was performed.
  12. Should the Client(s) not contract with "trade-specific" professional(s) if stated within the report that it should be
    undertaken, the Client(s) shall also have no cause of action, for any reason, against Carolina Coast Home
    Inspections Group, LLC, its inspector(s), agents or employees as Client(s) have assumed all the risk for all
    conditions and issues stated/not stated or referenced/not referenced in this report by failing to contract with a "trade-
    specific" professional(s) prior to purchase for further evaluation.
  13. Reports are emailed only after checks clears or immediately if paid via credit card.

"Agreement" acceptance terms/provisions/conditions are as follows:

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You (CLIENT) may elect to print this "Agreement" section for your records as no other hard copy will be provided.  
Use of inspection report, or any inspection findings that may have been conveyed verbally to CLIENT by CCHIG
LLC, its agents, employees and INSPECTOR(S) at time of inspection or by phone, will also be deemed as binding
acceptance of the "Agreement" terms, and all additional terms stipulated within the inspection report provided to
CLIENT. This "Agreement" and its terms are also deemed as accepted and binding by the CLIENT upon payment or
payment authorization [credit card], and that you have read  and understand the above Agreement.  In addition, if
the time frame to not accept the inspection report and its terms - as stipulated in the inspection report - has
expired, this "Agreement" will also be deemed as understood and accepted by the CLIENT.

In North Carolina, all provisions above are considered as an electronic signature [acceptance] - binding CLIENT to
the terms of this "Agreement" - as referenced herein and pursuant to the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
[UETA] - N.C.G.S Section:66-312 et als, which recognizes e-signatures as equivalent to paper signatures in the
private sector.  CLIENT hereby is providing consent [e-signature] by undertaking any of the contractual
[Agreement] binding actions referenced above.
THIS AGREEMENT, binding via considerations referenced herein, is entered into by and between Carolina Coast
Home Inspections Group, LLC, (hereinafter referred to as "INSPECTOR") and the person(s) requesting inspection
services (hereinafter referred to as "CLIENT"), collectively referred herein as "THE PARTIES."    In consideration of
the promise and terms of this Agreement, THE PARTIES understand and voluntarily agree as follows:
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